Delicious farmstead goodness

Our Story

Thompson Dairy Farms is a family- owned and operated goat dairy. We’ve been a licensed dairy since 2014, yet the family history in goats goes back much further. We care for our goats as part of our family, giving them the best food and cleanest environment possible. This high level of attention translates into incredible milk, and in turn gives us amazing cheese!  All of our cheese is "farmstead", which means we make our cheese with ONLY milk that comes from our goats, on our farm. 


While we continually strive for innovation at the farm,  we’re still making our cheese the old fashioned way: Raw milk (non-pasteurized, non-homogenized), small batches, cellar aged (50 degrees and 85% humidity), and no additives or preservatives.  We are confident you will be able to taste and feel the difference.